I was about 11 years old. I was repairing the bicycle in the backyard of our house. I needed a small piece of a wire to attach a detail to the frame. I didn’t have pliers, so I decided to tear off the piece by bending and unbending a wire in the same place. The idea seemed very simple to me. But when I started, I just couldn’t manage it. I was bending and unbending it again and again. It was hard to tear off a steel wire despite of it being so thin. While I had already given up and had decided to go home for a more suitable tool, the wire has come off. My hands scattered in different directions, and I thought that other end of the wire was hooked on my hair.
Without suspecting a thing, I pulled it. Everything happened in a split second. Suddenly I felt that I couldn’t see clearly with my left eye. I thought that it was because of machine oil that my hands were soiled with. I left the bicycle in the backyard and went home to wash myself. I had come running home, entered the bathroom. My mother was washing clothing in a big basin and she didn’t pay any attention to me. I approached the washing basin and when I looked at myself in a mirror, I found out that instead of my left eye there was a bloody sphere like monsters had in the horror film. In that very moment I blacked out. When I woke up, I was carried somewhere by people in white dressings. I couldn’t understand where I was. One of the doctors put a mask on my face. I fell in the deep sleep. I regained consciousness in the ward feeling dizzy after anesthesia. I had a bandage on my left eye. I saw my scared and tear-stained mother sitting near my bed. I’ve been told that I had put a piece of the torn-off wire into my eye and had pulled it out. I had broken off one of my my crystalline lens. Fortunately, my eye could be saved. This miracle was performed by beautiful doctor Sakeena. My first question to her was whether I would be able to see. She smiled and said that I obviously would, but that since that moment I should look at the world with new eyes. She had a kind beautiful face and unusually bright turquoise eyes. It seemed to me that this color looked such unusual because my sight was distorted after operational intervention. But many years later, I had a shooting with a famous singer who had just the same amazing eye color. I used this portrait as an initial image for this piece. In some inexplicable way my life often puts me against those who unexpectedly throw me into my childhood memories.

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