Welcome to the atelier of pictorialist Aslan Akhmadov.

We would like to present you his new exposition called “Past future”.

The “Past future” project opens Aslan Akhmadov’s unique view of the flow of time based on his personal experience and childhood memories. It is how Aslan is crossing lifelines with lots of people. There are inexplicable feelings which move him back to the past, to the people he had met earlier, through today’s famous personalities.

Each picture has its history, its secret. When the artist sees the images from the past in today’s characters, he visualizes his vivid childhood associations which underlie his new collection. That is why each picture is Janus-faced and reflects life long sensations. The definition of the title “Past future” is rotating history. Watching from the artist’s childhood, all characters’ portraits represent his future. But as of today, they are already embodied, therefore they represent his past.

The concept of the exposition comes to life owing to permanent transitivity; feeling the motion from the past to the present, from modern to classical, from photography to painting. The author transforms from the pictorialist to the artist.

In this collection, the pictorialist uses the materials which aren’t suited for painting. His vision of the picture can not be transferred by means of ordinary tools. Therefore, the painting technique and the collection itself are quite distinctive.

The author identifies with imagists’ movement. ”My paining works are built upon my photographs of contemporary characters. I deprive them of personification leaving only the image which is laid in the lines of depicted face as an object, — Aslan says. — Thus I immerse my characters in different stories from my past, in my vivid childhood associations. I use them as actors playing granted roles”.